Hair Colouring is now a main core part of any hairdressers business. Our experience has been formulated grown then fine tuned from the everyday running of professional teams providing colouring to a high specification and with master colour artists in this field.

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If you have never before experienced that feeling of instantly owning beautiful long flowing locks of naturally matched hair that adds weight volume and colour,  then you still have that dream to easily become a reality. Maybe you just need the right occasion for an excuse.


Personalised haircuts are jointly made between both the hairdresser and you the client.

A greater understanding between the two minds makes a strong base for the end result.

Any skilled hair cutter is definitely motivated and inspired by their very own client to achieve that amazing result.

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Frequently asked Questions.

Anything you need to know just ask, email or send pictures with any questions that you may have. If we can advise in anyway at all then by all means we will.

To keep everyone safe in this day and age we as standard procedure carry a full PPe kit. Included is the use of disposable towels, gowns, gloves, aprons, colouring capes, floor and chair protection alongside hand sanitation, body temperature reader, visor, and masks. We ensure that this issue is taken very seriously.

The listed areas are just a basic guide we do expand much further out, just ask, no problem.

If you are a new client try using our contact page at first for an initial booking otherwise our standard WhatsApp or SMS messages works well for most other bookings .

Almost all major credit or debit cards including Visa, Barclaycard, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Paypal  and Apple Pay..